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Ce&TUV with ERP Label Low Temperature Evi Air Source Heat Pump for Floor Heating and Hot Water

  • MG-03KFGRS
  • CE, ISO9001, CCC, CB, UL, RoHS, SASO, CSA
  • 57.2kw
  • Mango
  • Plywood
  • 1850*1000*1950mm
  • China
  • 8415812000
CE&TUV with ERP label low temperature EVI air source heat pump for floor heating and hot water

EVI Split Heat Pump Product Introduction:

This EVI heat pump is mainly designed for the cold weather area, it comprises indoor unit and outdoor units, which work together to provide hot water

and heating or cooling function, even under - 25°C low ambient temperature. The water system in the indoor unit, to ensure better anti-freezing and

decrease the heat dissipate. The compressor is available to be built in the outdoor unit or indoor unit. On the other hand, outdoor unit includes nylon

fan and evaporator with thermostatic heating element to prevent frosting.

EVI Split Heat Pump Features:

Indoor unit mainly includes condensor, 4-way valve and expansion valve.

1. Avoid the condensor to be burst in the cold weather, better anti-freezing protection

2. High efficient, lower heat dissipate

Outdoor unit comprises evaporator, fan and compressor.

1. Thermostatic heating element for evaporator anti-frosting protection

2. The water connections and the drain pipelines must be protected against frost on site

3. Compressor is outside, to reduce noise mostly inside the house

Auxiliary electronic heater or solar coiler is on your option.

Fashionable design, compact structure, saving space.

Quiet, lower noise when the unit is running.

Advanced control panel. Timer function, automatic defrosting function, optional electrical heating, error messages showed for warning.

It can be working on -25°C low ambient temperature.

Hot water output temperature up to 60°C, for domestic hot water or heating.

Auto-defrosting function included, cooling is optional.

EVI Split Heat Pump Main Components:

Compressor: Copeland new designed scroll compressor with gas injection increase enthalpy

Heat exchanger: Coaxial Coil tube-in-tube heat exchanger & Stainless steel plate heat exchanger

Evaporator: Hydrophilic high efficiency fin-tube evaporator, Golden color

Expansion valves: Main thermal expansion valves & Spray thermal expansion valves

Electromagnetic valve: Emerson electromagnetic valve

Fan: FULIHUA fan with nylon fiber blades, durable, lower noise, longer life

Controller: HOTSONG self-designed multi-functional digital control panel

EVI low temprature heat pump(heating/hot water )
Heating capacity

20ºC kW 10 18.5 11 20 40 78
Heating input power

kW 2.45 4.48 2.7 4.85 9.8 19
Rated current

A 11.7 21.4 5.4 9.7 19.6 38.0

4.08 4.13 4.07 4.12 4.08 4.11
Hot water capacity

L/H 215 398 236 430 860 1677
Heating capacity

7ºC kW 8 14.8 8.8 16 32 62.4
Heating input power

kW 2.31 4.32 2.56 4.68 9.40 18.20

3.46 3.43 3.44 3.42 3.40 3.43
Hot water capacity

L/H 172 318 189 344 688 1341
Heating capacity

-10ºC kW 5.6 10.4 6.2 11.2 22.4 43.7
Heating input power

kW 2.15 4.05 2.40 4.45 8.80 17.80

2.60 2.56 2.57 2.52 2.55 2.45
Hot water capacity

L/H 120 223 132 241 482 939
Heating capacity

-20ºC kW 4.2 7.8 4.6 8.4 16.8 32.8
Heating input power

kW 2.05 3.82 2.30 4.21 8.10 16.20

2.05 2.03 2.01 2.00 2.07 2.02
Hot water capacity

L/H 90 167 99 181 361 704
Power supply 220~240V/50Hz/1ph 380V~415V/50Hz/3ph
Rated/Max outlet water temp ºC 55~60
Level of protection IPX4
Electric shock proof grade I
Water flow m3/H 2.1 4.0 2.4 4.3 8.6 16.8
Water pressure drop kPa ≤38 ≤40 ≤38 ≤43 ≤50 ≤65
Refrigerant R407C
Compressor Copeland EVI compressor
Compressor model * qty ZW34KSE*1 ZW52KSE*1 ZW34KSE*1 ZW61KSE*1 ZW61KSE*2 ZW108KSE*2
Condenser High efficient tube-in-shell heat exchanger
Evaporator Blue hydrophilic aliuminium foil,wavy fin and copper tube heat exchanger
Fan Motor 90W*1 90W*2 90W*1 90W*2 550W*2 800W*2
Economy unit Stainless steel Plate heat exchanger
4-way valve SHF-11-45D1*1 SHF-20A-46*1 SHF-11-45D1*1 SHF-20A-46*1 SHF-20A-46*2 SHF-35A-79*2
Throttle unit Thermal expansion valve
A/C contactor and Thermal relay LG Brand
Controller Microcomputer central processor (LCD wire controller)
Protection function temperature protection, time protection, water flow protection, antifreeze protection, current protection
Ambient temperature (-25ºC -- 46ºC)
High pressure switch 3.0/3.4MPa
Low pressure switch 0.05/0.15MPa
Water pipe size
DN25 DN25 DN25 DN25 DN32 DN50
Noise dB(A) ≤50 ≤55 ≤50 ≤55 ≤65 ≤70
Dimension L*W*H 830*490*1160 1095*420*1420 830*490*1160 1095*420*1420 1500*800*1550 2170*1065*1890
Weight kg 112 164 112 164 320 580
Guarantee for18 months. During the guarantee period , our company will be responsible for problems caused by quality of production or raw material except the damageable spare parts of heat pump caused by incorrect man-made operation.
In stock for next day delivery. If no stock, After receive you deposit within 20 days
Packaging details:
Plywood case

1.inquire temperatures of water and refrigerant and ambient air.

2.defrost autumatically in cold weather
3. electric heating support function in cold weather
4. hot water priority.

5. can preset two period of working within 24hours if need.
6. forced defrost function

7. protection of lack of phase/wrong phase, high/low pressure, over current,ect.

8. LCD display panel.
9. preset water temperature freely water and house heating function
Ce&TUV with ERP Label Low Temperature Evi Air Source Heat Pump for Floor Heating and Hot Water
Ce&TUV with ERP Label Low Temperature Evi Air Source Heat Pump for Floor Heating and Hot Water

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