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Energy Efficient A+++ Heat Pump - Mango Energy Heatpump For Heating Heater Household DHW Cooling

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      With the accelerated pace of life, fast pace has become the norm of people's life. In addition to high-quality, intelligent and comfortable heating equipment, efficient and fast heating has also become an important factor for consumers to consider.

       In order to better meet the needs of users, China Europe Mango takes heating and heating speed as its R&D and innovation direction, and European standard as its production standard, to launch a new mango Quick 1 ultra-low temperature full DC frequency conversion chiller and heater. Under the same environmental conditions, compared with similar products, the heating speed is increased by 10% - 15%, so as to meet the needs of users for heating speed.

      Today, I will give you a detailed introduction:

Mango Heat Pump Europe Erp A++, heating is 10% - 15% faster than other heat pumps

From the optimization of air source heat pump variable frequency drive system to the new generation low temperature heating variable frequency EVI system, and the use of international top brand jet enthalpy increasing compressor, electronic expansion valve, enlarged blue hydrophilic film aluminum foil fin heat exchange, etc., through the all-round upgrading of core technology and accessories, Mango Inverter Heatpumps has a faster heating speed than similar products, and the heating speed is 10%~15% higher than similar products under the same environmental conditions, 10 hours of heating=11.5 hours of heating for similar products, reducing waiting time and providing more company for family members.

Trinity and integration

Heating and hot water heating are 10% - 15% faster than similar products, which can provide super fast heating in large space and large water volume, while the heating is comfortable and not dry, and the temperature is automatically controlled to zero fluctuation; The hot water is 24H constant temperature water, and the maximum water temperature is 60 ℃. There is no worry about the use of domestic hot water, eliminating fatigue every day.

Refrigeration is a European standard water cooling system and mango dual airflow technology. The air conditioner cools comfortably from top to bottom, reaching a natural and cool body temperature.

Simple split appearance design for style

The first original round corner design in appearance, cutting out the beauty of simplicity with the golden section line, and conducting 360 ° dead angle free metal galvanizing and painting on the shell to protect the product shell. At the same time, it has formed the exclusive noble champagne color of Mango Inverter Heatpumps series. The overall appearance is simple, dignified and noble, such as the world's classic, which can not be forgotten easily, to meet the needs of users to pursue high-quality design and enjoy high-quality life.

-35 ℃ ultra-low temperature operation, patented precise defrosting

The international brand variable frequency jet enthalpy increasing compressor is equipped with three layers of antifreeze technology, which can be used in the environment of - 35 ℃ ultra-low temperature to 52 ℃ ultra-high temperature. At the same time, the patented "DF precise defrosting technology" is used, which can achieve - 35 ℃ ultra-low temperature rapid defrosting without fear of cold and frost; The vast world can be used wherever you want in Northern Europe and the Middle East.

European standard energy efficiency, energy saving increased by 10%

European standard full DC frequency conversion technology, Erp A++energy saving level, the complete machine has completed strict European certification in all aspects, COP value exceeds 5.06, super energy efficiency ratio, and the overall unit energy efficiency is more than 10% lower than domestic first-class energy efficiency air energy, creating a more energy-saving technology experience and responding to the national call for low-carbon environmental protection.

Life is just around the corner

WIFI control system, mobile phone remote one button intelligent temperature regulation, no need to wait, just use it at home; The new 4.7 inch LCD touch screen intelligent control, automatic fault alarm system, multiple automatic protection, security detection and reminder functions make the intelligent life within reach and create a more convenient and beautiful life.

Minimum 35dB mute technology

       360 ° top quiet noise removal technology, infinitely variable speed low decibel risk control system, full DC subwoofer operation system, minimum 35 decibel mute mode, with full structure ultra quiet design, create top silence, minimum 35 decibel, and enjoy a quiet time like a forest with your family.

Mango Invetrer Heat Pump is high quality and durable

Before each Heat Pump, "two prevention and three tests", intelligent antifreeze, laboratory - 35 ℃ ultra-low temperature environment simulation test, 12 European standard production testing procedures, quality test, full scene, multi-dimensional testing are strictly carried out, only to create higher quality products and improve quality



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