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High Temperature Heat Pump with Maximum Outlet Water Temperature 80c

  • MG-10KFGRS/380
  • CE, ISO9001, CCC, CB, UL, RoHS, SASO, CSA
  • 8.3kw
  • Mango
  • Plypacking
  • 900*500*1220mm
  • China
  • 8415812000
High Temperature hot water 38kw air souce heat pump with COP 4.5, R134A
  • Function:

    1. Max outlet water temperature 75°C.
    2. Compressor over current protection function
    3. Automatically remember all parameters if power off
    4. Display water tank temp, preset temp and inquiry function
    5. Turn on/off at two certain period of time within 24 hours.
    6. Compressors run in balance and starts are staggered.
    7. Electric heating back up.
    8. Automatically and forced defrosting function
    9. Huge LCD display (with blue background and white word).
    10. Perfect protect and display
    11. Lack of phase or wrong phase of three phase power supply can be protected.
    12. Anti-freezing function
    13. Under the condition of without control panel (or panel damaged), system can work automatically.


    1.Working temperature range of outdoor: 5°C to 43°C
    2.Rated working condition: Rated working condition: dry-bulb temp: 20 °C, wet-bulb temp: 15°C, cool water temp: 15°C, hot water temp:70 °C.
    3.Max water temperature: 75°C

    Some important information:

    1. Working mode: Heating mode
    2. Level of protection: IPX4
    3. Electric shock proof grade: I
    4. Refrigerant: R134A
    5. No electric heater back up

High temperature Heat Pump with Maximum Outlet Water Temperature 80C
Standard components Cabinet/color spray coating
Refrigerant R134A
Power supply 220V~240V/50Hz/1ph 380V~415V/50Hz/3ph
Compressor type Copeland EVI compressor
Compressor model / quantity ZW30KSE*1 ZW34KSE*1 ZW61KSE*1 ZW61KSE*2
Condenser high efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger
Economy unit plate heat exchanger
Evaporator blue hydrophilic aliuminium foil,wavy fin and copper tube heat exchanger
Throttle unit heat expansion valve
A/C contactor Fuji
Thermal relay Fuji
Controller Muti-function controller
Protection function
Tempreature protection, time protection, water flow protection, antifreeze protection, current protection
Water pressure switch
0.015Mpa :OFF, 0.03Mpa: ON
Low pressure switch 0.05/0.15MPa
High pressure switch 3.0/3.4MPa
Power supply line size 2.5mm2 2.5mm2 4mm2 6mm2
Package W*D*H 900*500*1220 900*500*1220 1150*510*1420 1540*820*1320
Specifications Heating capacity(A/20ºC) kW 7.4 8.3 13.8 27.6
Input power when heating kW 2.9 3.3 5.4 10.8
COP kW/kW 2.55 2.52 2.56 2.56
Rated outlet water temp ºC 70
Max outlet water temp ºC 75
Water flow m3/H 2.2 2.5 4.1 8.1
Level of protection
Electric shock proof grade
Noise dB(A) ≤55 ≤55 ≤58 ≤66
Net weight kg 112 112 164 320
Gross weight kg 118 118 174 333
Dimension W*D*H 830*490*1160 1110*490*1260 1450*740*1150
Pipe size mm DN25 DN25 DN25 DN32
Working mode
Heating mode
Working air temperature range:5ºC to 43ºC
Rated working condition: Heating: air temperature (DB/WB): 20ºC/15ºC, Initial water temperature: 15ºC, final water temperature: 70ºC or 75ºC.

High Temperature Heat Pump with Maximum Outlet Water Temperature 80c

High Temperature Heat Pump with Maximum Outlet Water Temperature 80c


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