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TUV CE Test Monoblock Heat Pump Full DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump 10kw Heating Capacity

Mango Energy all in one air to water heat pump full dc inverter with wifi control. 10.5kw heating capacity. R32 refrigerant. MGSDC-030IIC. Champagne coating.
  • MGSDC-030IIC
  • Mango
  • 8418619142
  • Mango Energy
  • CE, ISO9001, CB, UL, RoHS, SASO, CSA
  • Plywood
  • China
  • 925X375X745mm
  • Villa, Hotel, Garage, Sauna, Apartment Household etc.
Product Description
Name:10.5 kw Heating Capacity COP 6.06 R32 Full DC Inverter Heat Pump
Material:Galvanized Sheet
Function:Heating/Cooling/Hot Water
Package:Wooden package
Power supply(V/Ph/Hz)
220V/1ph/50HZ 380V/3ph/50HZ
Rate heating capacity(kW)
Rate heating capacity(kW)
Rate heating capacity(kW)
Cooling capacity(KW)
Water flow(m3/h)
Outlet water temp(℃)
Work Ambient temperature(℃)
Key parts
1) More compact with slim body;
2) Much lighter for transportation & stallation;
3) Dual rotary compressor, more stable operating & lower operate noise, more ECO;
4) Permanent magnet, no exciting current, rapidly ware & tear decreasing, higher efficiency.
5) R32, R410refrigerants are capable, green enough for the world.
Carel smart controller
1.Mango dc inverter heat pump with intelligent CAREL controller with RS485 is adopted to realize the linkage control between the heat pump unit and the terminal application end.
2.With the Cascade function, multiple heat pumps can be controlled at any time for greater operating.
3.WIFI APP enables users to operate their units through a smart phone whenever and wherever they are.

*Panasonic* dual-rotor Compressor
* Best Selling North & East Europe, North Europe, North America
*Minus 30C, highest 60C hot Water Output and cooling
*ISO9001, CE, Erp Energy Label A+++, ROHS,TUV…certificated
Panasonic/Toshiba/Sanyo Inverter Rotary compressor and ECO R32/R410 refrigerant for max heat capacity and less refrigerant, large volume of latent heat from the air via evaporator in coldest season.
B.Ultra frequency conversion technology
Based on the principle of proportional relationship between motor speed and input frequency of working power supply: n = 60f(1-s)/p and changing motor speed by changing working power frequency of the motor, it adopts AC-DC-AC power conversion technology, relying on our powerful control system with PWM generation ability, integrate V/F, vector control (VC) and direct torque control (DTC) to achieve control method of variable frequency PID calculus, mainly drive variable frequency by way of PWM synthesis drive, fully integrate power, electronics, microcomputer control and other technologies.
C.Advanced Carel Operate System, ultra intelligent
Especially splendid heat dissipation circuit board design, longer service, over 3 times of other brand's, simple click and fully 
play the characteristics of DC inverter frequency conversion system to achieve superb performance.
D.Multi-speed mute fan motor
ROHS fan blades, ultra-low noise, durable & reliable, constant max air flow to satisfy heat supply.
E.Soft-start and soft-shutdown
Protecting both electrical system and all key parts, such a EEV, SANHUA 4-way valve, LG AC contactor & other World famous brand components to ensure heat pump device 2-3 time longer service by
1) making output torque of the motor meeting the requirements of mechanical system for starting torque, ensuring smooth acceleration & smooth transition, and avoiding destructive torque impact;
2) achieving both starting current meeting the requirements of motor's bearing capacity, and the insulation damage or burnout caused when it starts.
3) reducing both voltage sag range and the content of high-order harmonics etc.
F.High-tech shock-absorption all copper construction piping
High-accurate completely automatic silver welding, easy maintenance.
G.High-density protective jacket for minimum heat lost
Aviation class insulation foam with outstanding sound absorption.
H.Classic European outlook forming
Fashion taste, never out of time.
I.Portable compact design
Saving room for installation & operation.
J.Fast heating and cooling speed
Before the indoor temperature reaches the set value, the Panasonic rotary compressor delivers high levels of efficiency, enabling the unit to operate at high frequency so that it can heat water or provide house heating/cooling at a faster speed.
Installation reference
For floor heating
For fan coil
For traditional or new radiators space heating
Mangos' factory
Mango Energy Certificate
Our quality management system was certified in conformity with ISO9001 Standard, heat pumps with CE, TUV, ErP, certificated. And also with customized OEM/ODM services for distributors all over the world.Now Mango brand heat pump has been exported to more than 100 countries, even well installed.
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