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a Deal You′llnotice! ! ! High Teperature Air to Water Heat Pump for Hot Water

  • MG-10GW
  • CE, ISO9001, CCC, CB, UL
  • Mango
  • Plywooed
  • 10.5kw
  • China
  • 8415812000
A deal you'llnotice!!!High Teperature Air to Water Heat Pump for hot water
Model MG-03GW MG-03GW /380 MG-05GW MG-10GW
Standard components Cabinet/color spray coating
Refrigerant R134A
Power supply 220V~240V/50Hz/1ph 380V~415V/50Hz/3ph
Compressor type Copeland EVI compressor
Compressor model / quantity ZW30KSE*1 ZW34KSE*1 ZW61KSE*1 ZW61KSE*2
Condenser high efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger
Economy unit plate heat exchanger
Evaporator blue hydrophilic aliuminium foil,wavy fin and copper tube heat exchanger
Throttle unit heat expansion valve
A/C contactor
Thermal relay
Controller Muti-function controller
Protection function Tempreature protection, time protection, water flow protection, antifreeze protection, current protection
Water pressure switch 0.015Mpa :OFF, 0.03Mpa: ON
Low pressure switch 0.05/0.15MPa
High pressure switch 3.0/3.4MPa
Power supply line size 2.5mm2 2.5mm2 4mm2 6mm2
Package W*D*H 900*500*1220 900*500*1220 1150*510*1420 1540*820*1320
Specifications Heating capacity(A/20ºC) kW 7.4 8.3 13.8 27.6
Input power when heating kW 2.9 3.3 5.4 10.8
COP kW/kW 2.55 2.52 2.56 2.56
Rated outlet water temp ºC 70
Max outlet water temp ºC 75
Water flow m3/H 2.2 2.5 4.1 8.1
Level of protection IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Electric shock proof grade I I I I
Noise dB(A) 53 53 55 60
Net weight kg 112 112 164 320
Gross weight kg 118 118 174 333
Dimension W*D*H 830*490*1160 1110*490*1260 1450*740*1150
Pipe size mm DN25 DN25 DN25 DN32
Working mode Heating mode

a Deal You'llnotice! ! ! High Teperature Air to Water Heat Pump for Hot Water



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